Media Room

Having movie theater quality can does not mean you have to have a movie theater. Surround sound and clarity can come from projectors, televisions and a well built room. Home Tech has licenses in top audio and video brands such as Morantz, Genelec, Sony, Panasonic, Christie projectors and many other top brands to bring you surround sound. We can put speakers in hidden places making you here sounds from places undetected in your room, making a car crash scene feel like it just happened in front of you. Our specialization in theater quality installations and design allow us to transform ordinary rooms into a media haven. We can install hidden screens rising or lowering from furniture, ceilings or paintings to keep that living room vibe. We can turn any room into a place you want to watch a movie or your favorite show.   

Audio/Video Distribution

Audio distribution allows for music to travel anywhere in your home or property. Giving you control from your remote. We can put speakers in hidden places to blend with the surrounding area, whether inside or outside. Music can even be integrated to the pool so you can jam out while swimming or in the shower. 

Video distribution gives you control of movies and games in all of your rooms. Enjoying TV upstairs while the kids play downstairs. The system is located in one location and there is no need to put a bunch of systems and controllers in each room. It also doesn't limit one for the other meaning you can watch anything anywhere