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Total Home Control

Centralized distribution gives you full control and connectivity of all your homes technology. HTS puts an end to the controller overload and allows you to control your entire home anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, keypad, or touch panel controller. Smart home control eliminates the need to circle the house figuring out what lights are on or what windows are open. With preset features, you can simply click a button and all the settings for vacation mode automatically turn all the lights off, the alarm system on, televisions off, and drapes off and you are no longer worried. Want to watch a movie at night, preset features for movie and one click your home is now transformed to a theater.


Control your lighting indoors/outdoors, entertainment system, thermostat, shades, energy levels, intercoms, Hvac, alarms, cameras, music inside/outside, and fireplace

Central Air Vac Climate Control

Climate control on the same controller you use to control your home, TV, lights, etc. is an easy way to save energy and control the temperature of your home on any device you want. Controlling climate is great when you forget to turn the thermostat off, or if you are on your way home and want to set the thermostat. Lowering your home costs using energy saving settings and integration makes your home behave intelligently and saves you money too.


Climate control also allows for adjusting the temperature of your hot tub and pool, and automated climate controls pay for themselves by conserving energy at every point of use throughout the night and day.

Lighting Control

Lighting is a critical aspect in a home, it adds to events and clarifies entertainment. However, most of these effects require a lot of switches. HTS can eliminate this with lighting control form top brands such a Lutron and Creston controls. You can have all the lighting be controlled on remotes and your phone for when you aren't in certain rooms, when you are in a room you can have a keypad pad in your bedroom with four buttons one for turning on/off the room, one for lighting up a pathway to the kitchen or bathroom, one for a romantic mode or theater mode, and then one for turning off all the lights in the house.


You can chose many more options like vacation mode which can make it seem like someone is home to prevent burglary. You can also set to all off mode which turns all the lights in the house off when you leave the house. Let's say you leave the house and forget to turn off the lights, you can always go on your phone and turn off the lights too.


Lighting doesn't just stop there HTS can allow you to control the amount of light that comes into the house with shading an drapery controls, and also dimming lights automatically.  

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