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Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, and Motorized Shades

HTS Systems is your licensed Lutron dealer and installer in Los Angeles, offering premium solutions for lighting control and home automation. As a trusted partner, we provide expert consultation, installation, and programming services to seamlessly integrate Lutron systems into your home or business. HTS Systems, a Los Angeles-based home automation company, transforms homes into sophisticated, smart environments by integrating cutting-edge Lutron lighting, motorized shading, and control, offering unparalleled customization and control for luxury living. At HTS we are experienced Lutron Dealers in Southern California. We work with Lutron's HomeWorks QSX system transforms your home with unparalleled control over lighting, climate, entertainment, and security. RadioRA 3 elevates this experience, offering more power, device capacity, and seamless integration with existing setups. Lutron's lighting, including Ketra and Ivalo, alongside Sivoia QSX window treatments, adapt to your needs, setting the perfect ambiance. With Lutron, every touchpoint in your home is an opportunity for comfort, convenience, and beauty, making your living space a true reflection of your lifestyle. customizable and scalable to meet your growing automation needs.


As Lutron Installers we are well versed in the latest technology and always growing list of compatible home automation components. Our Lutron integrators will design the perfect system for your next home or commercial project! Trust HTS Systems to bring Lutron's cutting-edge solutions to life in your Los Angeles property.

Lutron installation

HTS is a licensed dealer and installer of Lutron products, crafting custom solutions for Lutron lighting, shading solutions, energy-efficient systems, and motorized window treatments. Our expertise is so advanced that we are the preferred specialists for other Lutron dealers, contractors, and even Lutron itself. When it comes to enhancing your home with the ultimate in lighting, shading, energy conservation, and motorized convenience. Trust HTS Systems to deliver their home automation expertise, to your lighting & shading as to elevate the  living space through seamless design of custom Lutron lighting solutions in Los Angeles from your smart home app (Control4, Crestron, or others). 


Design & Program

At HTS Systems, our expert team excels in the sophisticated design, networking, and programming of Lutron products, expertly customizing your luxury smart home to embody a seamless blend of convenience and opulence. Envision lighting that warmly welcomes you upon entering a room, motorized window curtains that adjust with the time of day, and outdoor lighting that transforms gardens into enchanting nightscapes—all activated automatically. Our mastery in integrating Lutron's advanced systems ensures that your home's lighting, shades, climate, and security work in perfect harmony, to deliver beauty and energy efficiency. We create an intuitive environment that anticipates and responds to your desires. With HTS Systems, every moment in your home is an encounter with the future of luxury living, where every detail is tailored to your lifestyle, ensuring a level of sophistication and comfort that is truly unparalleled.


Service & Repair

At HTS Systems, nestled in the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles, we can help new homeowners who want to update their system or simply faulty Lutron programming with solutions. Our dedication to excellence propels us to deliver our over 35+ years of service for Lutron products. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer 24/7 service that sets a new benchmark for luxury and convenience.


Support & Maintenance

We take pride in offering round-the-clock service, ensuring that your journey towards luxury and convenience is seamless and unmatched in the industry. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our deep expertise sets a new standard, redefining what true luxury and convenience mean for homeowners.


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