HTS has installed alarms for decades around Los Angeles and surrounding area. With our immediate response and detection systems.

  • HTS' burglary detection 

  • Fire alarm 

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Flood detection 

Our systems can detect heat levels, and smoke levels to alert first responders before its too late. With carbon monoxide if there is any detection of the odorless and colorless gas emergency personnel are immediately notified. Flood protection detect when water levels are excessive, allowing you to be protected before it happens and destroys your home. 


Home Tech was founded on its security systems, providing alarm systems and cameras for Los Angeles since 1992. Peace of mind is important and HTS is an expert in Security. HTS gives you the power to monitor your home on your phone and on your TV with our routing installations. Our camera video can automatically appear on touch screens in response to an event such as someone approaching your front door or gate. HTS installs advanced CCTV cameras that can be viewed in pitch black conditions, and covert cameras that can monitor the inside of your home. HTS specializes in monitoring and security, and can make an customizable features a client wishes. One of our most popular security features is cameras that can talk back, allowing you to leave your home if you are expecting a worker in your home or cleaners. Home Tech insures your home is safe and smart.