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HTS has grown into the go to Home Theater specialists. We have created theaters for some of the most famous in Hollywood. Home Theaters take a knowledge for movies and their art. It takes a unique team to make a theater room that embraces the art of movie. Our design team walk you through every step of the way and make sure every stitch and sound is to your liking. 

What sets us apart is our Turn-Key installations, we do this in every aspect of our business. From idea to reality our team is able to go through every step and manage the process because we specialize in it. Our clients love that they can trust us in everything and receive the best quality and service. Every inch of your home theater room and surrounding components in the house is taken into account when creating a theater. The systems we build are designed by our team of engineers and is successful because we have been in this field for over 20 years. Our attention to detail and understanding of how to design, install, connect, and apply technology and electronics into a home is why we are the go to company in smart home entertainment.


We bring more than just top brands and licensing we bring a team that is knowledgable and experienced.  

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